The young up-and-coming MC/Producer from the Brainfeeder camp releases his debut album today, and delivers an abstract departure from the swag-rap or 90's revivalism found in the game today, instead choosing a more progressive approach through abstract sampling and lethargic rhymes..
The 19 track project provides an unique, experimental sound that Brainfeeder releases are known for, with obvious jazz influences, which makes sense as his father was a Jazz musician who was close to Miles Davis. Jae's production lies somewhere in between Madlib and J Dilla, with obvious influences from mentor Flying Lotus. And even though this is meant to be an alternative hip-hop album, the production is easily the star of the show, as it is easy to lose sight of Jae's words in the vast soundscapes. Not to say that his rhyme skills are to be slept on, but on some of the tracks his nonchalant voice and off-beat flow leaves more to be desired. 

Regardless this is another solid release from the Brainfeeder, and a sample of things to come from Jeremiah Jae, who should continue to be making big noise in up-coming years.


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