LA's music scene is pretty ridiculous right now, especially in terms of experimental hip-hop production. I've been to a lot of shows in recent months, and run into quite a few interesting characters...
My most notable intro into the scene was probably seeing Knxwledge, Teebs, Mndsgn, and Asura in Eagle Rock for a cool $10. Even though the crowd wasn't as live as I or the artists would have liked (I guess hipsters are too cool to dance?), it was still pretty cool to see and meet these dudes in person after stalking their bandcamps and soundclouds for so long.  
But after the show I had to wait for my ride to come pick me up (woes of being car-less in LA), so I decide to kill some time by chopping it up with some of other kids about music and stuff. 
Thats when I met JRRen & Kvrmvn outside with some homies, and they were all pretty chill so I decided to keep in touch via tumblr. I later found out that they both produced music as well, and are pretty good at it. They were both recently featured on a 32 track beat tape titled  "Jovian Moon" alongside Construbuz, Necedah, Radicaledward, & Sinclair. Those who are fans of the instrumental scene will find plenty of spacey good vibes to last a while. You can stream & download it below.




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