Good Things come in threes' right? Oh yea? I agree, well i guess i haven't really explained what will be going on in this blog, but really the topic is the sky in actuality. I feel like music is one of the most important forces in my life like any young adult i'm always constantly pushing to find more quality sounds everyday to influence my own art and design. Luckily the world of music has been kind lately and dropped three really good projects from three totally different artists.

TIRON & Ayomari's "A Sucker for Pumps"  I first heard of TIRON and Ayomari through a hip hop blog, to say the least i really dug what i heard and continued to download everything associated with the duo(yea i tend to get a bit download crazy). I even got to see the duo preform at SXSW, and i have to say it was easily the most entertaining performance i had seen. They commanded a crowd that really didn't know who they were and even interacted with us, even teasing the frowning faced girl pressed up against a gate in the venue. But back to the topic at hand. A sucker for pumps is the first project from the two and its pretty dope. A Sucker for pumps is a CD like the name suggested, its a album essentially attributed to women. The Album dabbles in the subject matter from strained relationships to the dedication of the beauty of certain women. Don't get confused though ASFP isn't a mixtape but a full and originally produced album. Unlike the other two CD ASFP has a price, so unfortunately for you "i dont pay for music im fighting the government" type ASFP isn't for you. But with that said i mean what is a few bucks for good music right? you can download/stream ASFP here at their bandcamp
Songs of Interest: Lot on your mind, Fin

BFA "Quality of Living"  BFA or Brothers from Another is a Seattle based group i heard from my friend Ella (i bet she would be proud of me showing the Northwest some love, finally). The group consists of MC's Tiglo, Cole and DJ Beeba. The overall feel of BFA is just a feel good nostalgic sounds of teen life. BFA is great summer music to say the least. Quality of living is not up its own ass preaching something that the own rapper wouldn't practice, but instead you get the vibe that its just two young very talented dudes sharing their own experiences of being young.
Luckily for you cheap hip-hop heads, this project is free and stream-able. So hit the link for their Bandcamp here
Songs of Interest: Maggie was fly, Beeba Vision, QOL

The Weeknd "Thursday" Something crazy has happened in the past half year, rnb has come back with an vengeance, but no this isnt your rnb from the latter 90's years but these sounds are much more synthetic. I know what your thinking, synthetic sounds tend to get a bad rap but alot of these new RnBers are equally talented with or without the assistance of voice modifiers. Its just a stylistic choice. I thought it was pretty funny to hear someone say "Since when did n@#!as get excited over a RnB tape." If you think about it... its really true, but music acts like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd have changed that. Though i really like weeknd. Alot of the time im deterred by overly hyped projects, (i'm constantly fighting the hype machine *pessimistic voice*) so i really waited a long time to download this project by the weeknd. But im really glad i did eventually, because this tape is really good. The beats and voice of weeknd are almost trance like and the lyrics paint a picture of distressed relationships. Often leaves you jokingly saying to yourself dang i hope this guy finds peace of mind.
Anyways you can find this project along with his other projects here on his website
Songs of Interest: The whole damn cd


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